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Parallel space is multiple account management app that allows users to control two different user accounts of particular installed app on Android. If you want to use same application from the same device and same time, but from two different accounts, there is a solution now for you and this is the parallel space. Parallel space is an app which will let you enjoy two different accounts from one singular device. Sometimes, we need to be active in both accounts, sometimes due to the lack of enough devices two or three people need to use their account from one singular device in one time. In this problematic situation the parallel space app can be there to solve your problem. It is an Android app. So, you can run it from your Android device. People are very much used to now with Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush etc. And for them it is a mind blowing and a very important app for sure. It will allow you to use any app in your device from two different users. Looking a little bit complicated? Nope! The parallel space app is a very simple and easy app in which a totally different virtual space been created. This app let you use that virtual space to use another account simultaneously. That’s it!
Besides, the parallel space app needs a very small portion of memory to run. It only needs 2MB space. It doesn’t require any root privileges too. But the only matter of problem is, to use it you need to go through a lot of permission. Because, parallel space app need to get permission from every app it let you use. For the social networking and gaming thing- it is a perfect app! Nowadays, over 90 million people around the world use this app in their purposes. It is known as one of the most effective Android app too! So, let’s try it!

Download Parallel space apk for android

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– App Version: 4.0.8248
– File size: 6.29 MB
– Short detail: multiple account management app
– Category: Tools

Parallel space apk

Parallel space apk

Once downloaded, you will get latest version of Parallel space apk here to install on your devices like other apk installation.

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