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Tbh time is a new trending teen-centric anonymous communication app that allows users to send and receive compliments; these compliments are sent through in-app quizzes. Titled as “to be honest” or “tbh”, the app basically provides a number of “polls” about your buddies. All the queries are positive in these polls. The app maintains sender’s identity anonymously; however receivers still can find little information about who’s chosen them like “from a girl in 9th grade”. Moreover, the app took several addictive aspects of free-to-play games but still without any in-app purchase feature. Once anyone of your friends selected you in a poll, you will get gems and using these gems you can unlock further features. Also at a time you just can participate in a set number of polls, if you complete all, you have to follow a timer prior to you participate in further polls. Unfortunately, this app is at present available in only few US states, hope whole world will get it soon. Although this limitation, the app is gradually mounting at App Store charts. The app only offers optimistic “polls” thus users aren’t capable to harass each other.

Download Tbh time apk for android

Interested to download Tbh time apk for android devices? But unfortunately this app only launched for iOS platform, android users will capable to download and install the app once it launched for android platform, so

Apk download will available once tbh app released for android


Alternative method: Still you have an alternative method to use tbp time on android, download iOS emulator for android like cider apk on your device and install cider to find tbh time app on apple app store to download and install within cider emulator. Hope using this method, you will capable to get this teen-centric anonymous communication app for completely free to install on your android running mobile phone and tablet.

Tbh time apk

Tbh time apk

Once downloaded, you will get latest version of Tbh time app here to install on your devices like other app installation on cider emulator.

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